Eden Haus has a wonderful turn-of-the-century story. The house was built in 1914 by John Marcus Dalton, whose father purchased the land in 1856 from the US government. It became known as the Dalton farm. Before the main house was built, there was a cabin close to the main road. More room was eventually needed. As the story goes, Mr. Dalton hired a carpenter to live in the cabin while the house was being built. The foyer is original walnut and maple planks. It’s still a topic of conversation upon new arrivals to this day.Many visitors to the Dalton farm referred to it as a gathering place for fellowship and a time of refreshing.The house was remodeled in 1995 by the Welker family and was later purchased by Ron and Patricia Inkenbrandt in 2002. Ron and Patricia are the founders of Glorious Praise and have held prayer and worship meetings in the chapel since 2005.